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An invaluable tool – Pagers are utilized extensively in the Healthcare field – providing compact, immediate alerting to Doctors , clinicians , nurses , Portering and maintenance staff.

Tone and Voice pagers can provide extremely loud Alerting , as well as selective calling of individuals or groups , Messages are delivered as voice , with no need to look at displays while en-route to a call , voice messages can be stored, and recalled with a single button press.

Two-way radios – with new Digital (DMR) radios leading the way – provide instant long distance communication – with clean crisp audio , free of background noise with private or group calling , help keep security personnel safe and informed as they perform their duties, Rugged construction and waterproof design ensure long product life . Advanced features like text messaging , lone worker and man-down alarms , encrypted communications , surveillance kits , scanning ,roaming and gps tracking functions all serve to make Two way radios a smart investment for your organization.



Omni Provincial Electronics Inc. was founded in 1992, as a joint venture between three independent distributors, located in Greater Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. The objective was to establish a stocking distributor of Wireless Radio Communications and Paging products and systems/accessories from coast to coast in Canada.

For over 30 years our sales and distribution center have been serving our resellers and customers across Canada.


Interested in becoming a new reseller, dealer or agent for OmniPro. Increase your revenue stream and profitability. OmniPro is leading wireless technology distributor of electronics offering end-to-end solutions for today’s reseller and retailers. Contact info@omnipro.ca to find out how you can partner with OmniPro to grow your opportunities and sales.

About US

We specialize in wireless communications including backhaul equipment, hardware and software needed to ensure that your critical messages and voice communications reach their destination – reliably, quickly, efficiently and securely.
We specialise in professional two-way radio and paging solutions, products and accessories. From the ground up, we can supply your communication requirements – from RF cable and connectors, radios, pagers, batteries and power supplies, to Base Station and Mobile radio antennas and towers, to sophisticated messaging software and GPS AVL vehicle tracking. We want to be your one stop communications provider!


Our Distribution & Sales office is located at:

Omni Provincial Electronics (Ont) Inc.
3 Progress Drive, Unit 9
Orillia, Ontario, L3V 0T7
Tel.: (705) 737-5188
Fax.: (705) 792-9917