A Variety of Pagers, For a Variety of Needs

Apollo Paging is the leader in paging products and has been a customer favorite since we’ve started offering them. With numerous models to choose from our Apollo Pagers are ready for any need!


OmniPro is proud to offer our own line of Pagers in addition to the other great brands we provide! Our two models, the OmniPage, and the OmniPro Alpha have been loved by customers since their introduction to our product line.


Through Spok, we offer numerous solutions to paging needs. Spok products are known for their all-in-one system capabilities and are the go-to answer for most healthcare communication needs!


Unication Pagers are incredible devices for anyone with paging needs. They are rugged, reliable and built to last. Experience the Unication difference. From the G-Series Pagers to their more traditional offers they have something for everyone.



Looking to purchase a paging system but aren’t entirely sure where to begin?

Don’t stress about it! OmniPro’s experienced in-house Technician has designed and curated a variety of Paging Kits to fit exactly what you need!


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